Hello David,

Thank you for a wonderful presentation — “Path to Glory: Start Researching Your WWI Ancestor Without Getting Lost.” I am glad we were your first presentation on this topic in the format used…..Everyone had the same reaction–“fabulous”, “one of the best presentations I’ve attended”, and many such comments such as these. Hands down, everyone thought it one of our better presentations, a few said it was the best, and most had someone they were going home to try what they learned. One of our members, Patrick L., shared his research finding with our members the next day. Patrick sent off for copies of his ancestors’ WWI records. He was very happy and shared his results with our members. ¬†When I asked if the pace of the presentation was too fast, all said it was just right. Congratulations on your new topic presentation!….Once again, thank you for a very informative presentation! It generated a lot of positive comments!

Kay Speaks, First VP, Program Chair, Livermore-Amador Genealogical Society, Livermore, California USA

I employed Mr. Goerss in relation to a non-fiction book that I was writing, to carry out some complex research into the Forces background of a flyer in the US Naval Air Reserve in the late 1940s/50s. I had already trawled through the obviously available records – Ancestry, military rolls, etc.
I was astonished and delighted when he produced a veritable mine of information, culled from the most obscure and hard-to-find records.
He completely found the answers to my questions, in a very prompt and efficient manner, and at a very reasonable cost.
Not only this, but he is swift to reply and always courteous.
I cannot recommend Mr. Goerss highly enough, and would not hesitate to seek his assistance on other research projects.

Piu Eatwell, non-fiction writer, Paris, France