• Veteran’s Story Writing (based on research findings)
  • Veteran Record Research & Reconstruction
  • Research Reports
  • Miltary Service Timelines
  • Problem Analysis & Customized Research Plans
  • Evidence Analysis (beyond the written word, what the documents, artifacts, photographs, help us prove or reasonably conclude)
  • Genealogical Proof Arguments & Abstracts
  • Research Calendar
  • Digital Images of All Documents Found

To see a partial list of the types of military records searched,  please click here.


  • Perform in-depth research to produce informative articles on historical military topics, compelling in their scope, and containing abundant and relevant sources.


  • Offering short and long format speaking and training programs for military museums, libraries, genealogy and historical societies, civic groups, companies, and other forums.
  • Current presentations focus on research strategy, enabling others to develop the framework and informed foundation necessary to conduct effective World War I & World War II records research.

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